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On The First Sunday of Advent

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The earth waits in chilly silence, stilled and in shadow. Each element, each rock, each bird, each prowling beast awaits, motionless yet full of the life gifted to it by the King of Kings.

On this day, on this night, set aside time to think on why you are here. What is the purpose behind your coming to this earth? Is your presence here meaningless? Random? Accidental? Unimportant?

Or do you have a purpose, no matter how anonymously you may live out your allotted days? Does a life of virtue make a difference? Should the regretful things you’ve done in your life weigh you down and make you miserable and impotent until you leave this earth, or will you accept the forgiveness you’ve already believed in, the pardon you’ve already been granted, and go forth as a child of royal blood and eternal origin?

In this season where we celebrate and commemorate the coming of Christ the Lord, reflect on why you are here. And consider what you have to do in the time you have left.

May the Father bless you and yours, dear friends.

~ Wheeler