The Second Sunday of Advent

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Hush, now. You’ve had all day to speak. Now, in the hours when birds are a-bed and stray cats have found a dry box in which to lie down, now in the stretch of the evening when the streets and roads are growing quiet, now, just now, it is time to put your voice to rest for the night. Work your thoughts. Remember, now. Remember.

The world around you has been clattering with credit cards and consuming and coarseness, and did you lose yourself in it just a bit? Do you feel spattered with the idle ugliness, the throwaway sarcasm, the acceptable lies, the need for attention and drama, the numbness of the brain, the compulsive reaching for the phone, the tablet, the remote control? Don’t you want to pull back from it now, before you try to rest?

Did you light candles tonight? Do the old traditions still hold anything for you down in your locked heart, or is it all rote and automatic and mindless? Did you breathe Per Christum Dominum Nostrum at least once over a task or a meal today, or are you looking to tomorrow’s coworkers for approval, for meaning, for validation?

Your Brother, that great Shepherd and Friend, came and set all the wrong things right. He really did. He came for His siblings, wandering and forgetful though we have been. He really did come, and He really did finish the work. If He were here right now in physical form, He might well beat most priests and pastors out of their own churches with a whip of cords, but He would be exceedingly gentle and understanding with his younger brothers and sisters.

Tonight, before tortured sleep and then the cares and ugliness of tomorrow, tonight you can place yourself in His presence simply by invoking His name, the name you learned while you were still losing baby teeth, the name you associate with this very span of thirty-one days. Tonight, pour out your heart to Him. Not because miracles will come, not because all things will be put right before Monday’s dawn, and not because you will appear holy to someone else. Speak to Christ Jesus because talking to family is what we do, what we are here to do. He is your Brother, and you are His younger sibling. You, personally.

And what a thought that is, blessed friends.

~ Wheeler

  1. So glad you’re back!
    Lynne Neal

    • Well, I’m not really back, Lynne…just doing some Christmastide greetings. But thank you so much for keeping up with me and for saying hello. Hope all is well with you and yours.

  2. Wonderful to see new posts here again! Hope you’re doing well Wheeler.

  3. I’ve read this twice now, once yesterday and now today. The world is tiresome. It wears me down. How do you stay so encouraged? I’ve been reading your words since I started reading Spirit Water Blood and I loved your comments. Thank you for writing again.

    • Edwood, if I knew what or how I am writing that leads you to believe that I’m perpetually encouraged, I would put a stop to it right now….believe me, my friend, I am usually DIScouraged in this life. The nature of earthly life is warfare, discouragement, obstacles, frustrations, unrealized dreams. The small but real fragment of peace I cling to comes from having realized that no person nor organization can ultimately provide me with the wisdom or comfort I crave and require. One of the greatest days of my life was the day when I realized that 1 John 2:27 really is true, and that I need no man — no pastor, teacher, guru, or authority figure — to give me his exalted and learned opinion, and that my Father’s spirit is within me and that I may commune with Him and obtain comfort from Him without the foolishness of men interfering with my walk with Him.

      I would encourage you not to rely on commentaries or sermons or lessons or blogs or devotionals. These things are faulty filters…they are distortion devices, and they will affect your spiritual life, just as drugs or chemicals will affect your brain chemistry and its perception of reality.

      Don’t torture yourself by literally getting down on your knees and launching into some pious, verbose “prayer” while spending most of your energy on formulating the right words. Just sit in your back yard, or go for a walk, or curl up under the blankets….and TALK to your Father. Talk to Him unashamedly and openly and tell Him your fears, doubts, concerns, hatreds, all of it. Pay attention to your own life, its patterns, the things that have brought you to where you are. Ask yourself what you avoid thinking about or doing…and then deliberately THINK ABOUT THOSE THINGS. Your Father will speak to you in the midst of these things. And when He does, keep your mouth shut about it. Don’t talk to anyone about it. Don’t write about it. Hide His communications with your spirit deep within your heart. You will learn that there is more encouragement and comfort in doing this than in decades of following the Standardized Church Member Program.

      May our Father bless and comfort you quickly as you seek to obtain guidance and a sense of His presence.

  4. Good catch, my nitpicking friend. Consider it corrected. And consider yourself blessed in having the privilege of reading my timeless prose.

  5. Good post, faggot.

    I think you wrote sound instead of found a dry box…

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