I am a teller of tales.

Es gibt niemanden wie mich.

~ Wheeler

  1. The opening paragraph to “Unpardonable” could very well be the best article opener I’ve yet read. You’re a hell of a writer, Wheeler.

    No. I take that back.

    You’re a heaven of a writer.

    Yahweh bless (and don’t stop with the wordsmithing)!

  2. How can I get in touch with you Wheeler? I hope I have the right email for you. I wrote you a few days ago.

  3. Hey, I was just reading your post on the Hatfields and McCoys and you mention Pisgah. Is this Pisgah, Alabama?

    This is Lindsay Wheeler grandson of Richard Wheeler. My dad is R. Dwight Wheeler. The Wheeler family is from Pisgah! Are we related?

    My email is wheelerplatsis@hotmail.com Please contact me.

    • Thank you for stopping by, WLindsayWheeler…good to have you here at YonderField.

      To answer your questions…

      The Pisgah to which I referred is in NC.

      As far as your question about our possibly being related, I will write to you as soon as I can. There’s a possibility that we may share a branch or two on the family tree.

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