Remain Forever Children

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The organized church — all 30,000+ denominations in the USA alone — purports to be, among other things, a school in which the people of God are to learn the eternal curriculum necessary to their salvation and eternal destiny.

The organized church is the only school from which its students never graduate.

The leaders of the organized church will never tell one of its students that he is making progress or that he has improved his performance. “Oh, no…such a statement would presume to know the mind of God and the heart of the individual believer.” They also tell us that a sense that one is growing in spiritual maturity is dangerous, because it might lead to the sin of pride.

Yes, well, the same leaders never hesitate to know the mind of God and the heart of the individual believer when they accuse a member of wrongdoing. And their list of wrongdoings — racism, sexism, judgmentalism, intolerance, being unloving, etc. — grows by the hour.

Poor, impoverished, illiterate sheep. They file into the pews and the classrooms each week, hearts full of dreary duty. Their questions never get answered. They never see any progress in their own hearts. They are the same malnourished children they were a score of years ago. But their leaders smile at them and pat their obedient heads. Their leaders smile because they know their good students will never seek to be self-taught, or to seek another teacher without asking their leaders’ permission in advance. There’s a good lad. There’s a good lass.

Never forget that in Mark 6:34, Christ the Lord recognized that the people were like sheep without a shepherd, and He began to teach them, because He was compassionate towards them. But who were these people? They were the people who sat under the hard glares of the Pharisees and the scribes. They had teachers, but the teachers were worse than worthless. Only a true son of the Ever Living could teach them. The leaders of the temple were not the brothers of the people.

The pastor who takes your money to preach to you is not showing you true love. He is a hireling.

Poor sheep. They are content to remain forever children. Advancing to the next grade is beyond their ability to hope.

Pity. Oh, pity.

~ Wheeler


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